Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Quality Control Manager

(Click photo to enlarge)

He's not really the Quality Control Manager.

Our house is like China—we have no quality control.

I just gave him the title to boost his doggy ego.

He's been fascinated with the dishwasher since the day he moved in.

His real title is Superintendant of Pre-Wash Operations.

You have to keep an eye on the Superintendant, though.

He steals forks, especially if there's cake on 'em.


koonsmother said...

Bless 'im. He's obviously dedicated to his duties there.

DUTA said...

Cute! Pre-wash operations suit him: to lick the food remains on the plates.

Kevin Musgrove said...

shouldn't he be wearing a white coat?

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Pat said...

Even enlarged he's still only a slip of a thing.
Is his name Cutie Pie?

Peter said...

Oh my goodness, Charlie! You have cats AND a dog! Do they get along?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I sure wish I had a dish washer loading dog. Or a dish washer loading husband for that matter.

Wandering Coyote said...

"Our house is like China—we have no quality control." - LOL! How true (about China, that is!)

Juno loves the dishwasher, too, when it's open like that. I don't get it.

Meg said...

He's sooo cute.

Kim said...

He is very cute! Just give him cake sheesh

Charlie said...

KM: He is dedicated, especially considering we pay him waaaay under minimum wage.

DUTA: He gets to lick just a small amount of human food—he doesn't worry about his weight, but we do.

KEVIN: Technically, yes. But that was his modus operandi for smuggling forks—and we don't have a metal detector.

STACYBE: Thank you, for both the compliment and stopping by.

PAT: His official name, and the one he answers to, is "Irish." Unofficially, I call him "Earl."

PETER: We don't have cats—I just jokingly wrote about them. All we have is two dogs and two resident geckos.

BARBARA: Would your hubby get the hint if you started serving his meals on dirty dishes?

WC: In Juno's case, I suspect it's just another place to lay down. Or the heat, if the machine has just finished a run.

MEG: Yeah, and he doesn't crap on the garage floor—he uses Martha's flower garden instead. C'mon over some Sunday morning and join us for poop patrol.

KIM: The calories, Kim, the calories!

Kim Ayres said...

Pre-wash? You mean you need to clean them again after he's done such a good job?

Charlie said...

KIM: Yeah, Martha's funny that way—she refuses to eat off dog-tongued plates and cutlery. They look fine to me, and we'd save a lot of water too, but she has these little quirks.

Mary Witzl said...

I'm with Martha: I won't eat off dog-licked dishes unless they've been scrubbed clean first (as in not by an animal's tongue). Don't know why; I'm fussy that way.

Still, that dog is pretty cute.

Charlie said...

MARY: You share the same quirk with Martha, then. The Super will appreciate your compliment.