Friday, November 27, 2009

The New Old Me

Unless you're reading this through a feed, all you sidebar aficionados will notice my old but improved avatar—which is a really stupid name for "my picture."

Scary, I know, but it's all I have to work with. And this tiny photo (3.69 kb!) is all Kim Ayres had to work with in Photoshop (no, I didn't go to Scotland for a glamor make- over). He improved the contrast and focus, rid my eyeglasses of those unsightly flash reflections, and put an almost-smile on my mouth. Since I'm a Professor, he didn't dare fix me up with a full smile—we all know how drab- and dreary-looking Professors are.

The reason I'm mentioning this is because Kim has a great idea for "The Gifty Season": changing, enhancing, or restoring a photo of you or someone you love. The possi- bilities are endless. Wrinkles disappear; droopy chesticles perk right up; bald pates are hairy again. And who wouldn't love to lose a hundred pounds off their hindquarter or look twenty years younger?

Or maybe you just want a really nice photograph to give or to save as a memory.

While you're checking out the link to Kim for more information and some fun images, check out his incredible site, Kim Ayres Portrait Photography. His work is marvelous.


Robert the Skeptic said...

We probably all could use a little Photoshopping after yesterday's day of national gluttony.

Check out this bit of Photoshop magic here:

By the way, Kim's photo portfolio is very striking. Thank you for sharing it.

mapstew said...

I'm hoping he can do hair restoration! :¬)

Have a good weekend.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Charlie, I didn't want to tell anyone this before, but it's time the world realised that Kim Ayres takes our photies and steals our soul to sell to the divil.

Our secret..reet?

Fay's Too said...

Jimmy, I suspected as much. That Kim is a shifty one.

Tiffin said...

Well you're more in focus but you're still as Irish looking as Paddy's pig. Can't photoshop THAT out of you!

Anonymous said...'RE supposed to look younger, and your PICTURE is supposed to get older-looking.

Charlie said...

ROBERT: After watching that 3 minute video, I decided it would take me about 15 years to do the same thing.

And Kim's portfolio is great.

MAP: Be careful about what you hope for: with hair you're liable to look like Keith Richards.

JIMMY: Thanks for the tip. So that's how Ayres makes his money, huh?

FAY: Oops, Jimmy's secret is out already.

Charlie said...

It must be open mike night down at the funny farm.

TUI: I don't mind the Irish part, but comparing me to Paddy's pig is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. (Although I do have a tendency to snort a lot, now that I think about it.) Okay, you're forgiven.

LINDA: Pulling the old Dorian Grey (Gray) ruse on me doesn't work. It's literati claptrap, a myth.

"Myth, oh myth, may I have the check please?" Dorian lisped across the crowded dining room.

Madame DeFarge said...

I feel, as we've never been introduced, that I should refrain from comment in case it appears rude. However, I am sure that the photo barely does you justice - in the nicest possible way.

Charlie said...

MADAME: Thank you so much for your discretion. The scorpion photo is an experiment I am conducting. As with all of my experiments in the past, it will most likely explode on me.

It is a pleasure to meet you. [Charlie lightly touchs his lips to the Madame's outstretched hand.]

Kim Ayres said...

So after all that, you've gone and changed your profile photo?

Fly me out to Arizona and I'll take your photo :)

mapstew said...

Charlie, I'm not THAT feckin' old! I may be bald, but I have a face like a baby's arse! ?????

Charlie said...

KIM: When all is said and done, I got tired of looking at me every time I opened my blog.

If memory serves, you've changed your photo a time or two.

On top of that, Jimmy B. told me in secret that you sell souls to the devil. I'd like my cut, please.

MAP: Getting a hairdo wouldn't put you in your sixties with Richards. And you wouldn't have to be led to the stage like Richards. And it wouldn't make you fall out of trees like Richards.

To hell with it. Just wear a cap.