Friday, January 01, 2010

Martha's Resolution for 2010

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Martha's ONE resolution for 2010:

"THIS is the year I'm gonna get caught up at work!"

[Actually, this is a photo of Kevin Musgrove's desk, a non-bureaucrat awash in a sea of bureaucratism in the library system of "Helminthdale", England]

[No it isn't, I lied. It's a photo I ripped off from Kim (the one with the breasts). More about Kim in my next post]


mapstew said...

Sweet Divine Fuck!

I thought I was bad with being four months behind with the band's accounts! (About four hours should get me sorted!, It's the STARTING wot is the hardest!!!)


Fay's Too said...

Great Grimm! Get a dumpster.

Mary Witzl said...

I'm betting that's a slush pile -- right? No wonder no one's discovered me yet: I think I can see my manuscript at the bottom of the pile on the right.

Robert the Skeptic said...

My father in law's office is like that. Retired professor. The amazing thing is you can ask him for some document and he will disappear in that mess and come out a few minutes later with said document in hand!! There is order somewhere in that chaos.

St Jude said...

Oh giddy aunt, a paper shredder might be in order... industrial paper shredder.

Pat said...

That gives me great comfort.

Attila The Mom said...

Ha, this looks like my office. Except I think I have a few more booze bottles lying around. Just kidding.

Who is Kim and why are you talking about her breasts, you perv?

Unless you're talking about the other Kim, and you're even more pervy.

Kim Ayres said...

Every time you mention the Kim with breasts I think you're refering to the fact I still haven't got down to my ideal weight yet. Maybe you should refer to us as the one with the beard or without - unless the other kim has a hormonal problem there...

Charlie said...

MAP: Here's an incentive to get started: maybe you'll find a CHECK you forgot to deposit!

FAY: Imagine the amount of recycled paper that mess would make!

MARY: I don't know what it is, but I strongly suspect that you're right. Especially since you can see your's down there.

ROBERT: Some people thrive on chaos because they don't know it's chaos. Those stacks are probably perfectly normal to your FIL.

Charlie said...

SAINT J: I agree if all that stuff is "Top Secret" from the CIA or the military.

PAT: I understand. YTL would have a fainting spell if your desk looked like that. Or he might even turn to alcohol.

MOM: "Perv" is about the nicest thing you've ever called me.

BTW, were you able to keep your pants up THIS New Year's Eve?

KIM AYRES: I will devise a new distinction scheme. Perhaps I'll call her Raoul so there is no mistaking identities.

Kevin Musgrove said...

My God, you really have seen the pictures of my office!!!

Charlie said...

KEVIN: If I had to guess, I'd say that is all of T. Aldous's unfinished (or rather, never done in the first place) business.

Good luck.

Peter S. said...

Hi, Charlie! Oh my goodness! For one minute there, I thought that that picture showed your office. (I thought -- what happened to the orderly bookshelves that I've featured in my blog! Hehehe.)

I hope Martha does get caught up with her work! Happy New Year again!

koonsmother said...

Nothing there that a stray match in the wastebasket wouldn't take care of.

Meg said...

Holy crapola. That looks like my desk. All it's missing is a couple cats and a ceramic elephant.

Charlie said...

PETER: Heavens no, that isn't MY office—if it were, I'd strangle me.

K-MOM: Is that "stray" match followed by the universal exclamation, "Oops!"?

And you can take the Fifth on this one, but is that how you "catch up" on your backlog?

MEG: I think ALL desks should come with a couple cats and a ceramic elephant.

FYI, My desk has a manual pencil sharpener with TWO holes: one for uh, pencils, and the other for my crayons. I love my crayons.