Wednesday, January 06, 2010

P.S. - We Love You

In August 2009, I pointed you to a beautiful piece written by my female blogger friend, Kim, about the death of her mother, Marcie. Titled No More Waiting, many of you read it and shared a tear right along with me.

In a post published on New Year's Eve, Kim tells us about the rest of her year.

With the death of her mother she was cut off from that side of the family—a shunning not unusual for an adoptee like Kim. Fired from a job she loved. She got sick, ended up in the hospital for two weeks, and diagnosed with Type II diabetes that now requires insulin. No health insurance because of no job. Two young children she is raising on her own, plus a drug addicted adult son who is a master manipulator.

A year like that might very well cause some people to throw in the towel and jump off the nearest bridge. But not Kim. Depressed, certainly. But she is a survivor, a woman who has a heart larger than her problems, and she has started a depression and suicide prevention website:

According to Kim, this is the mission of P.S.—We Love You:

We are dedicated to loving and supporting people who suffer from depression, self abuse or have suicidal thoughts. We are all committed to providing information and support, love and understanding and hopefully inspiration for anyone who is struggling with any of these issues.

I support this endeavor 1,000%, and I'll be adding the logo to my sidebar. If there is anything to steal around here, please take it.

The going won't be easy, and Kim knows it. But if she saves just ONE person out of hundreds, her efforts will be priceless.

I almost forgot. Kim wants each of us to have one of these for 2010 (I'm going to take two when she isn't looking):


mapstew said...

Some people are just GOOD!
I wish her success and good health, and the mental and phsyical strength to go forward.


Pat said...

I went back to re- read the beautiful piece about her mother. I'm sure the grit she has inherited from her Mum will stand her in good stead and she will find fulfillment in helping others. She deserves to find happiness and I pray she does.

Kevin Musgrove said...

All strength and health to Kim!

Ta for sharing, Charlie.

Wandering Coyote said...

Good God, what a story. I will definitely check out the site, Charlie. Thanks for the link!

Tiffin said...

Boy, this is beyond using lemons to make lemonaid. This is courage and grit personified. Thanks for sharing this, Charlie.

Kim said...

You make me speechless Charlie, Thank you for your support and your kindness and your understanding.

*waves* Nice to meet you all, thank you for all your kind words!

St Jude said...

Thank you Charlie, you and Kim are two of my oldest friends. I shall be 'stealing' and supporting. This is a project close to my heart. I have worked as a samaritan here in the UK for many years, we are often the last port of call for people who are suicidal and I have 'shared' the last moments of many peoples lives. Some may find that difficult but if we provide the last refuge for those who feel they have no other way to go I am honoured to be the person they choose to share those moments with. Of course I would rather talk them around, but that is not always an option. PS we love you is a wonderful idea.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

My thoughts are with Kim and her endeavours. She sounds quite remarkable.

Robert the Skeptic said...

years back I worked the Friday overnight shift of a suicide prevention hot line. It was tough, and many of the calls were really crank. I later found out that most people who commit suicide never call a crisis line and often do not tell anyone of their intent. People are often surprised when someone commits suicide.

The truth is there are clues; people will subtly tell you they are in peril if we are open and observant. Sometimes it only takes one person to notice and intervene.