Thursday, February 18, 2010

Movie Memories

Someone famous once said, “The sincerest form of flattery is thievery.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that my quote may be incorrect, but it sounds okay to me: I thieved Savannah’s idea and her time-trip back to some of her favorite movie music.

Maybe we should make this a meme and I won’t feel like such a scoundrel.

This clip is from The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) and Michelle Pfeiffer does her own singing. One wag on YouTube commented, “I didn’t know you could make love to a piano.”

I’m not ashamed to admit that Grease (1978) is one of my all-time favorite movies. Stockard Channing, at 33, played Betty Rizzo (Rizz), the girl “with a reputation.” A pro from Broadway, she does her own singing of this bittersweet song.

Yup, that’s Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby (1990), a film by John Waters that is a cross between Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The girl is Amy Locane. I have no idea if they did their own singing or lip-synced, but I love the bluesy song nevertheless.


savannah said...

well done, sugar! but seriously, if we're telling the truth (is that even possible?) it all started with boxer and her wednesday movie clip madness! and then, well, i just got lost in youtube mania.... xoxoox

Pat said...

Help! I can't get any of these and I couldn't get Mapstew's either. What's happening?
WV restio - fat chance!

Robert the Skeptic said...

Pretty hot stuff, but for movie scores, nothing beats "Laurence of Arabia".

Kate said...

What a nice idea for a post! I might borrow it ... not a fan of musicals (I think I've mentioned that lol) but there are a few songs from films I like.

Pat said...

Its OK now but I haven't done anything. Night night!

Charlie said...

SAVANNAH: Yes, it's possible to tell the truth: The famous saying I started with is, “The sincerest form of flattery is imitation.”

It was you I was imitating, so take the flattery and run.

PAT: I'm glad the problem got fixed--it made no sense, so it must have been at Google's end.

ROBERT: I was so entranced by that film that I don't remember the score by Maurice Jarre--a man who wrote the music for 165 movies, according to IMDb.

KATE: Go for it--you need an easier post once in a while.

kara said...

cry baby is one of your favorite movies? you just became one of my top five people of all time.

i like to sing "please, mister jailer" in the shower.

savannah said...

charlie, sugar! you have just made me SMILE!!!! thank you, darlin xoxoxox

Charlie said...

KARA: Boy oh boy! I'm in the top five of your food chain!

Every time I listen to that song I'll think of you in the shower--clothed of course.

SAVANNAH: It's nice to see you smile.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Fun selection. And the world's a better place for having Michelle Pfeiffer draped over a piano.

Harvee said...

Hey, I like that quote. I think I'll steal it:)

Charlie said...

KEVIN: It's nice to know that your taste isn't confined to your mouth.

HARVEE: Go ahead and steal whatever you want--security around here is pretty lax.

flying eagle woman said...

i AM a fan of the musicals and i lOVE STOCKARD CHANNING! fun post!