Saturday, July 10, 2010

Odds and Ends, Mostly Odds

It's like the old Neil Sedaka song, "Breaking Catching Up Is Hard To Do." Or an Edward Gorey illustration of "So Many Books Blogs, So Little Time." In any event, catching up on your blogs is going very slowly because, as a usual whole person, I am moving and thinking in pieces: brain fog, over-medication, and general out of synch-ness are the culprits. I have hoped to get stronger with time but so far, it isn’t happening.

I know you will all bear with me as I dawdle over your writings, visit new “followers” (I’m not Jim Jones and I hate Kool-Aid), and track down some folks who left really nice comments during my hospital incarceration.

* * *

There was a consulting cardiologist on my case and he came into my cell to consultate.

“Gee, you’re popular today,” he said, noting that a nurse and a nurse’s assistant were in my dungeon.

“It’s this cheap suit Moe sold me,” I told him, referring to the backless hospital “johnnie” somewhat draped over me, “and these are my tailors, Larry and Curly.”

That was good for a guffaw and some general Stooge talk, but I never did find out how my heart was doing. (With hindsight, I guess it was okay.)

* * *

I remember a little old lady nurse named Mary telling me in 2007, “Anyone who thinks they’re going to get some rest in a hospital is a lunatic.”

Imagine my surprise, then, when I actually read, and finished, a book on my Kindle. Actually, it was a re-read from a couple months ago because I was craving some laughs.

The book is the non-fiction bestseller, Sh*t My Dad Says, by Justin Halpern. In this scene, Justin asks for a loan, but his dad decides it should be a part of his son's inheritance:

“I figure, what’s the fucking point in dying and leaving you money when you probably won’t need it? Might as well give it to you now when you need the help. Plus, I plan on blowing most of it on stupid shit when I get senile,” he explained.

This is a great little book that grew out of Halpern’s Twitter posts, but if you dislike heavy profanity I suggest you take a pass on it.

* * *

Because of the Unfortunate Series of Event (singular) of June 14, I never acknowledged the comments made on The Alcoholic. More than half of them were from TechnoBabe’s friends and followers, but unknown bloggers to me.

Unknown in name, that is, but not in openness, honesty, and spirit. Many of you were quite frank about your lives, your struggles with addiction, and some, your recoveries. I know there are a lot of addiction/recovery blogs “out there,” but I have more to add to a subject that will always have more questions than answers.

* * *

Guess who was sleeping in my bed when I wasn't? That's "Irish" in the back and "Molly" in front. (Click to enlarge.)


Trina S. said...

Really enjoy reading your bloggggy blog blog!

I hope the heat hasn't been to devastating for you? I know I feel like I am getting slapped in the face when I open the door. I live in AZ too.


Pat said...

Don't fret about keeping in touch and I'm telling myself that simultaneously.
You have two lovely pooches and I'm guessing you sleep on the right hand side of the bed - like MTL with extra pillows.
We are having a rare heat wave so feeling a little limp. Take it easy.

savannah said...

this is a perfect example of why i enjoy reading y'all so much! y'all make me smile, sugar! xoxooxox

(i think it's the mostly odd part...)

Jerry said...

I don't think anyone is concerned if you dawdle whilst finding blog friends. There all there for you when you arrive.

I'm glad to see you are a bit stronger and that your wit is sharp.

hope said...

With my head filled with sinus goo...why you make perfect sense to me, no matter what you say. :)

The important part is that you're "saying" it. Good to know your sense of humor hasn't left the building either.

Get stronger on your own schedule...we can wait. :)

mapstew said...

Hey Charles, it's great to see you about again, you and your 'odds & ends' have been missed by many!

Now what's all this about heavy profanities? :¬)

laytonwoman3rd said...

My heart's a-flutter, having been invited into your bedroom! that you??

TechnoBabe said...

Hey my friend, just knowing you feel well enough and strong enough to write this post is a blessing. Take care of yourself and just put up a sentence once in awhile if that is all you feel like. The photo of the dogs taking up the bed is great. We were given regular reports when you were in the hospital and we just kept sending you hugs in the comments and through the universe.

Kim Ayres said...

If you're writing, then at least I know you'll read the comments. And even if it's a one way conversation until you get a bit of strength back, then it's still a conversation I'd rather be having :)

Robert the Skeptic said...

I never let my cardiologist leave the room without a thorough interrogation. I am convinced I bug the guy a bit much... which when it come to my heart, it doesn't bleed for him one bit. For what those guys make I expect a detailed briefing with powerpoint charts and graphs!!

"Die Broke" is a book one of my buddies put me on to; essentially what's the point of dying with a big inheritance? Spend it while you got it because it ain't no surprise that you aren't gonna take it with you!

Keep up the good work.

Wandering Coyote said...

Hey Charlie,

Nice to see a post from you, but don't overdo it, eh?

Lovely doggies!

word verification = latin

Fay's Too said...

The pups were keeping your place warm for you. I'm so glad you're back.

Madame DeFarge said...

It is lovely to have you back with us. I'm glad to know that you don;t like Kool-Aid, Stops me worrying now.

Maggie said...

Dear Worm: You sound right on top of us all. Take your time. You do have great excuses. Stay cool too. Now I have to go see if I left you a note on the alcoholic. Hugs from the partially sunny, cold beach.

Tiffin said...

Dog on the bed up here too. You're doing just fine at the speed you're going, sweet pea.

Syd said...

Glad that you are back to feeling better. I am a new follower. And yes, your essay on the Alcoholic was the one that sent me here. Like the photo of the dogs. They look very comfortable.

lisleman said...

Larry Curly and Moe - great doctors you have. I remember they did some hospital scenes but I think they always had a saw and hammer.

It's good you are able to update this a little. That book has me thinking I should start saying more shit to my kids.

Attila The Mom said...

Is that a pair of handcuffs and a whip I see tucked in that headboard?

Unknown Mami said...

I'm sure Irish and Molly were just keeping the bed warm for you.

I linked you comment post to my post today. Another wonderful blogger contributed a post as well, you should check her out if you get a chance.

It's so nice to have you back.

lisleman said...

well charlie if you not taking a nap or resting (I would soak that need-a-nap as much as I could) you might pop over to Unknown Mami's she did response to our conversation.

Ocean Girl said...

Glad you are back Professor. Your puppies are adorable.

Eryl Shields said...

The thing about getting stronger with time is that you need the 'time' part for it to work. So give yourself some. (I said that with my mother voice).

Irish and Molly are adorable.

KleinsteMotte said...

Good to see your back.Your dogs are so adorable.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I've spent the past couple of days trying to think of a suitably witty comment for this.

Bollocks to it. Good to have you back, lad.

Mary Witzl said...

So glad you're back, Charlie!

Don't worry about keeping in touch, just keep on blogging.