Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eating Lobsters at the Symphony

I have retired from blogging twice. The first time was December 6, 2010 and I was back posting six days after that. My second retirement was September 5, 2011 and here I is, back again on the 18th.

I must have blogging in my blood along with the red food coloring.

Or maybe I'm determined to stay connected with all of you whom I miss and love.

Yeah, that's it. I miss you. I'm going to blog until I absolutely cannot. When I'm not feeling well (commonly known as "I feel like shit"), I'll just put up my serene photo that says "Resting." That way you won't have to write so many nice things that make me cry. And you're always welcome to take those nice things back or add something like, "You're a big doody-head."

* * *

My friend (and yours)  Wandering Coyote has been wandering all over Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island with her mother and aunt. She's been eating lobster like this was their last mating season, and she sent me this postcard between mouthfuls:

(Click for enlargement)

She and I were talking on the telephone (remember those?) last evening and I told her how much the third panel made me laugh; Her reply: "When I saw that panel I instantly thought, 'THIS is a Charlie card!' "

I'm somewhat disturbed by the number of female bloggers who, over the years, have made reference to my antenna or used some other euphemism for my, uh, equipment. In the case of Attila the Mom, "Prong" has sent her into fits of laughter (and some blue comments) for years. What I want to know is, where were you pundity babes when I was young and frisky? I was looking at my high school yearbook not long ago and I know where all those girls were: they were grazing on the football field both for the roughage and to save the school the cost of a ground crew. I must have grown up in an ugly neighborhood.

I'm sidetracked here, so visit the Coyote and her Flickr photos—all 467 of them—of her trip eastward. They're spectacular, from flowers to architecture to scenery to . . . lobsters.

* * *

Please take a moment to visit Savannah and sign the guestbook for Miss Daisy, her mother-in-law who just passed away. Or, as Savannah titles it, Miss Daisy has gone home.

Also from Savannah is this wonderful flash mob video. Ravel's "Bolero" was an excellent choice, beginning with a simple snare drum and growing until the entire Copenhagen Philharmonic was assembled. Notice the parents. teaching their wide-eyed children about classical instruments and music. Thanks Sav—some sage once said, "Imitation is the severest form of flattery."

* * *

Until next time, dear readers, I'll be resting . . .


Kim Ayres said...

Twice? Your memory is selective Charlie. You've ceased blogging on several occasions across the years I've known you - deleting your entire blog once or twice in the process. I've been around long enough to remember your incarnation as "Admiral Pooper Scooper" and that avatar of the cat with a lime on its head...

Charlie Callahan said...

My memory is more shot than selective, Kim, but you're correct. At least you can hang on to your "Are you dead yet?" greeting card, something we've tickled ourselves with over X-number of blog incarnations.

savannah said...

oh, charlie! sweet mary sunshine, sugar, now you've made me cry! you're a sweetheart and i absolutely adore you! thank you from the MITM, the coconut krewe and most of all, me! xoxoxoxoxo

Pat said...

Just popped in to say night night - hope the bugs don 't bite!
When I hear Bolero I always expect to see our famous skaters. Did you ever see them? Torevell and Dean - the name suddenly came to me. Sleep tight.

hope said...

You're allowed to rest, even at home, if you don't leave us for a rest home.

You know why I come here? Not for the lobsters or orchestra music (which was wonderful!) but because you are the most thoughtful, nice human I've never met face to face. :)

Play on Charlie, play on.

Jerry said...

It is wonderful to see you back. Again. And back. Again. From now on, think in terms of diminuendo and crescendo. It is good to see you.

And thanks for Bolero. Truly enjoyed it.

Linda Koons said...

I knew you couldn't do it. Even if we all popped in here and said, "Oh, leaving? Don't let the door hit you in the antennae on the way out", you'd be back. 'Cause you'd recognize that as love, too. And just for the record, I would have been nice to you in school. I've always been attracted to a wise guy with a soul.

TechnoBabe said...

Really great video. How fun that would be to be walking in a public place and suddenly people are playing music.

Both times you have "said" you are retiring from blogging, I didn't really believe it. I don't think you will be away very long.

See ya later, doody head.

Pamela Austman said...

You blog when you blog... so unless you delete this entire thing and never come back to it, you've not "retired". Love East Coast lobster though! I was on a nursing conference in '05 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and had the biggest, bestest lobster ever! That post card made me laugh! Glad you've popped back in, Charlie. :-)

Robert the Skeptic said...

Yeah I recently quit blogging myself... but I'm sure I have another post or two left in me. Been too nice outside to stay in blogging though. That will change soon.

Fay said...

Crap, was I supposed to be nice to you now or later? I don't want to screw up and be nice twice.

barbara said...

So glad to see you back, Doody-Head! I firmly believe there are two types of blogger, those who quit when they run out of things to say and those who never quit despite having nothing more to say. Guess which one I am?
I am really excited to see Wandering Coyote in a couple of weeks! We'll be sure to talk smack about you!