Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Graduate

On March 5th, Irish was dead dog walking: Within hours, nay even minutes, it would be the needle, gas, or maybe ol' Sparky hisself. But just in the nick of time some nice people saved him, putting him in a foster home until hopefully someone adopted him.

On March 21st, Martha the Kind adopted Irish and it's been work, work, work for the last four months gaining his love and trust. He tolerates Molly and he's not too keen about me, but he's totally in love with Martha (the Kind).

Yesterday, he reached a huge milestone in his doggie rehabilitation: He graduated from eight grueling weeks of canine college!

Class of 2008

Irish walks to the leash, and he knows commands like "Sit", "Stay", and "Don't chew on that bone, honey—that's Charlie's leg and it hurts him a lot!" Nevertheless, that's my boy!

Well, no he isn't. He's Martha the Kind's boy, and she deserves it. Irish has taken a lot of the pain away of losing Punkers, and for that I'm glad.

Is that rhubarb stuck to this stupid hat?


Stinkypaw said...

Charlie!!! Happy to see you back!

Irish is too cute with his hat! Please give him a big hug for me.

How does Molly handle the fact that he's getting all this work/rehab done? He's too cute! You guys did good!

Really happy to read you again!

Rhonda said...

I am certain that, could Irish speak human, he would thank Martha the Kind for giving him a second chance at life. He's a very lucky pup to have a home with both of you, despite the fact you make him wear silly hats.

Kim Ayres said...

Let's see a photo of you in the hat and see how you compare

Charlie said...

It's really great to see that you folks are still around and bothering to read me. Thanks for being cyber-friends.

STINKY: Molly, like me, is perfectly content to be a layabout. Feed us, dress us, and wash us and we're content.

RHONDA: Thanks for the nice words. Hopefully, Martha will have a loving companion for another 10 to 13 years.

And I did not make him wear the hat—please take that up with the Chancellor of the Canine College about that.

KIM: I had a hat exactly like the one in the photo when I graduated from pre-school. I earned it for not peeing in my pants more than two days in a row.

If Irish seems to look pudgy or rotund, he is not: He weighs 15 pounds, one over the ideal. His regrown fur, which is incredibly thick, gives him that "full" look.

Jezebel said...

Whoa! When did you fall back into blogging?! Good to see you haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

And your pooch is a cutie! I'm sure you'll eventually have a great relationship with him!

Charlie said...

JEZ: Gee, that name sounds so . . . street walkerish. Should street walkerish be hyphenated, I wonder?

My blogs will probably be few and far between, but thanks for the welcome back.

And may the Schwartz be with you. (Am I mixing German with Yiddish?)

Jezebel said...

Charlie, I wanted my name to sound more evil than it was so I don't know why I thought Jezebel sounded so appropriate, lol. But yeah, if you want to call me a hookah, go for it!

Schwartz...German, Yiddish, it's all good! May the Schwartz be with you too! ;)

Nightmare said...

I may be big but at least I'm slow! Glad to see that you and Irish are hanging tough.

Mary Witzl said...

Hey, you're back!! Hoo-rah!

I like the doggy graduation shot. Wish my cat could learn this sort of thing, but to her credit she has not yet gnawed on my leg.

Charlie said...

NIGHT: You hang tough too, fella.

MARY: Yet another country heard from (California)!

I can just picture a roomful of cats at Kitty Kollege: chaos, I tell you, chaos.

"Today's lesson, students, is the proper manner to climb draperies."