Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wanna See My . . . Bookshelves?

Peter S. at KyusiReader featured some of my bookshelves this week in his ongoing series, The Bookshelf Project. He didn't say it, but I will: I'm somewhat anal about my shelves. Take a gander if you're so inclined, and the two lower photos can be enlarged.

* * * * *

So where are the book reviews? For some reason, I had a lousy reading month: I completed a mere five books during August. James Lee Burke's Rain Gods was outstanding, but since I reviewed his short stories on August 12, I decided not to sing his praises again so soon.

Don't worry, though. Something will pop up, most likely E.L. Doctorow's Homer & Langley, to be released on Tuesday.


Book Bird Dog said...

Five books per month is no mean feat! I'll check out your bookshelves!

Lady_Amanda said...

Hey Charlie,

This site looks interesting. When I get my shelves put up in my OWN apartment, I just might submit my photo. So how are you feeling? I read so many blogs about people's feelings and yours is just a matter of fact blog. I feel like your my blog friend so I just want to ask you how you are feeling.


PI said...

I was relieved to see the lower photos which are not at all anal.
BTW - thanks to you I am embarked on The Convict. I actually read aloud to my husband his fascinating and reassuring experiences with publishers and last night finished the delightful story of Uncle Sidney.

Jimmy Bastard said...

I've just finished reading 'A sense of freedom' by Jimmy Boyle. An interesting life story about one of Scotlands one time most wanted men.

The end justifies the means...

Charlie said...

HARVEE: 4 of the 5 I read in August were easy reads, so I don't feel like I accomplished a lot. I think I was fooling around with too much other stuff.

LADY: I'm feeling fine, Amanda, but I have my moments—which I DO post about. I just work at trying to keep my blog upbeat.

Thank you for asking.

PAT: I'm glad that, so far, you're enjoying The Convict; I would feel terrible if you disliked it.

And I really like your new avatar.

JIMMY: Glad you're back, even if you aren't. I'm going to look for that book about Boyle straightaway, and thanks for the recommendation.

Tiffin said...

I like your shelves a lot. REALLY a lot. Haven't been reading much either. Bathroom reno, which has us all at sixes and sevens here. I'm looking forward to autumn reads.

PI said...

I put you on my side-bar and for days it has driven me nuts - it didn't work. Just solved the problem - 2 x https. I'm learning!

Anonymous said...

Hi - saw your name on Jimmy B's blog and decided to stop by.

We share a love of books yay!

I am currently reading 'Amulet' by Robert Bolano.

Anonymous said...

I give a nudge to Homer & Langley. It was a good read.

Charlie said...

TUI: If I had to choose between reading and renovating the bathroom, I would read and use the back yard with the dogs.

PAT: Don't fret—only a million people have done the same thing, including yours truly.

BOTTLE: Hello there. I'm not familiar with that book, but I'll look it up.

LINDA: H&L will arrive at my doorstep today!

Anonymous said...

FYI Doctorow talks about the book and the brothers on NPR

Charlie said...

Thanks, Linda, for the article. I wonder if I want to read it before I read the book.

Which should have been delivered yesterday. It was shipped on Monday from Amazon's Phoenix facility, I live in a Phoenix suburb, today is Wednesday, and no book yet. Good ole USPS.

I think I caught the griping bug from Joyce.