About the Professor

Yes, this is me, Professor B. Worm, also known as Charlie Callahan to my friends and bill collectors.

I was three-years-old when the 1950 photo I use for my avatar was taken in Rochester, NY. That makes me a grumpy old fart in 2011, except I'm seldom grumpy. Oh, I can get my dander up, but it almost always has something to do with politics.

I live in a suburb of Phoenix, where it gets a bit toasty at times, but I have also lived in Denver and Washington, D.C.

I am housebound now due to lung disease, and my eyesight is growing progressively worse because of medicine-induced glaucoma. I have not, however, lost a bit of my sense of humor—this blog would be even more boring than it is if I sat around whining, moaning, complaining, and bitching about "poor me."

If you haven't noticed it already, my blog is electrical. I mean eclectic. Or perhaps I mean it's electrically eclectic. Whatever.

I suppose I should mention my hobbies. Reading is by far #1, and it has been from the time I learned to read. It's more difficult now with my failing eyesight, but I do my best.

My other hobbies include arguing with my wife Martha, in a loving and kind manner of course. I enjoy waiting for the mailman with my daily dose of snail-mail spam. Before I was confined to the house, I grew radishes on my future burial plot—you know, to help pay for it.

Martha and I have no children, but we do have a little dog whom we love: Irish is a Pomeranian, a yapper, and a rescue pooch. Like your own cats and dogs, he's the best in the world.