The Prof's Best Lectures

For some reason, bloggers very seldom dig through the archives of a fellow blogger's blog. I know because I'm guilty of it myself: I’m usually too busy trying to keep up with current posts.

But buried within the corners of every blog are nuggets of wisdom, humor, pain and joy, and just damn good writing. And because they’re buried, they’re difficult, if not impossible, to find.

With that in mind, this page lists some of Professor Worm’s best lectures based on student feedback—some because of the number of comments, and others because of the enthusiasm shown by the commenters. Of course, there are one or two of my favorites also.

Comments are welcome on the individual posts.


My last letter to Martha. Whispering to Martha

Interning with female drug addicts. Throwaway Women

My alcoholism and recovery. Alcoholic


7/20/09: An essay about my father. The Man I Never Knew

8/22/09: I'm a Romantic at heart. Our 35th Anniversary

9/17/09: A fun post. A Very Important Announcement

9/21/09: Compiled from a hospital stay in 2005. The Hospital Diaries

11/21/09: Two YouTube videos that promote world peace. What If . . .

11/23/09: A mini-memoir of my Irish great-grandmother. Gramma

1/3/10: Some humor about my mom and sister. Clean Undies

1/17/10: Dealing with depression. The Town Square

1/30/10: Dealing with child abuse. The Big Lie

3/21/10: So I'm skinny—who cares? Skinny Guy

3/29/10: More about my mom and sister. Pootsie—The Early Years

4/8/10: I am a chronic digressor. Goofball, Heal Thyself

7/17/10: Ever try to help someone? Helpers

8/27/10: Has my life been worth living? A Life Lived 

12/17/11 It's official. When I die, I'm going to Heaven